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Performance and Music Video Rates vary based upon the specific job.  For instance, staging a performance in your home or studio does not require the same planning and pre-production as recording a live gig or producing a music video. 

Starving Artist Packages

           Simple two camera performance video in a non-live environment   STARTING at $250

(For the cost of a gig - I will spend approx. an hour preparing,  bring plenty of gear, then travel, set up, test lighting, angles, and sound check, record several takes till you are happy with your performance, THEN go home, import, edit, make you look like a rock star, and export to youtube for you.) This is an excellent deal for you if you are looking for some well done professional looking content which can also double as content for a music video to promote yourself or a new song, and eliminates the variables of a live performance. 

Live Performance Video  STARTING at $500 

The cost for a live recording is totally dependent upon the complexity of the location and the performance.  Live performance have a lot more variables - the main issues being your performance ( you only get one try) the quality of the lighting, and the potential for capturing a quality sound recording. At any live recording, we  will always use a minimum of two cameras, and will pull your sound directly off the sound board. We  will also collect ambient sound as an emergency backup in case there is an issue with the board recording. For a larger event,  we may have to show up several hours earlier along with you for sound check, so although you only need us  to be recording for 45 min to an hour,  we may  actually spend 4-5 hours of our  time.

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