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Wedding Portfolio web slideshow

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I’ve never been the girl who loved having her photo taken. I’ve never enjoyed looking at photos of myself. So, naturally, I was more than a bit apprehensive and actually dreaded the idea of having to endure wedding photos. Especially considering our wedding was out of state and we’d be hiring a total stranger as our photographer. Lucky for us, we found Gretchen Dzedzej.
Gretchen put every single one of my concerns to rest. She was open-minded and listened to my concerns. She took an active interest in what vision we had for our final photos and memories. She brought those ideas to life.
Gretchen was a blast to be around the day of the wedding. Her energy and enthusiasm were contagious. You can’t help but smile when you’re around her. She’s so relaxed and so much fun, you completely forget you’re even being photographed at times.
When we received our photos, I was immensely pleased with her work. The quality, artistic vision and uniqueness of each photo are all simply outstanding. Her talent is beyond comprehension to me. The experience of just getting to “hang out” with Gretchen and having an album full of amazing visuals are among the MANY reasons I would highly recommend Gretchen to anyone and everyone who needed a photographer. I could not be happier that Gretchen was such a huge part of our wedding day.
-Cathy Floyd


From Cathy and josh